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 Artist Statement

As a daughter of a multi-talented 100-year-old artist who is still creating art, I have always enjoyed the excitement of watching creativity, paint, and passion come to life as a vibrant art piece. Now retired and decades later, that excitement is multiplied as imagination, composition, color, light, value and texture capture the lines and shapes of each subject.  To me, Watercolor is the most fascinating and spontaneous medium of all the art mediums; in reality it is unpredictable.  It is the interplay between water and paint that makes this medium so exciting.  I love going with the flow, moving watercolor across the paper to create bold and beautiful paintings.  I have resisted the advice to “find my niche”.  I don’t see a world of monotypic beauty but rather a world of incredible diversity.  I want to capture the beauty displayed in a multiplicity of colors, values, textures, and shapes, both human and divine, which inspire my imagination and stimulate my creativity.

My goal as an artist is to paint every day of my remaining life.  I do not want to just decorate walls. I want to tell stories through my painting to evoke emotion and enthusiasm in the viewer.  I cherish every hour of painting in my studio, but I also realize the importance of “giving back” to the art community.  I devote time teaching as well as contributing effort to various art organizations and am serving as a Watercolor Society of Alabama Officer.   I am so thankful to God for giving me the opportunity and talent to paint His wonders.   I invite viewers to take a closer look at my paintings and let them speak to you in a special way. 




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