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Artist Bio

Jaceena Shepard’s paintings are a mixture of contemporary realism and historical realism.  She paints mostly in watercolor but uses oil to paint her contemporary and vintage portraits.  She makes the most of watercolor’s fresh, vibrant nature through light, color and contrast and mixes them with her exciting compositions to create dynamic paintings.  She creates three dimensional depth and realism in her watercolor paintings by using the basic rules of linear and aerial perspective techniques. The most essential aspect of her art is that she paints what inspires her not what she imagines she should paint.  All of her paintings begin with a pencil drawing positioning the main features of her composition so the painting has a sense of balance. She then applies washes to her pencil drawing using transparent watercolor to build up the many layers of color, allowing the previous layers of color to shine through. Although she uses traditionally taught techniques, she refines and hones those techniques through hours of experimentation. She becomes totally empowered through her painting and this passion results in great self-actualization.


Jaceena was employed as a US Government Senior Manager for Missile and Space Programs and owned a Business Management Consulting Firm.  She holds a MS in Business Management.  She owns “Your Arts Desire” Studio/Gallery located in Town Creek, AL.

Jaceena is an accomplished artist whose paintings and prints are in collections locally and nationally. Her artwork is the result of extensive training and years of professional experience.  She continues to attend professional watercolor workshops taught by nationally acclaimed artists, such as Robert Long Watercolors of Destin, FL. and E. Gordon West of San Antonio, TX.  She attributes her portrait training to Joy Wilson, of Cool, CA. and Jo Ann Morgan (resident teacher of the Morgan Fine Art School) of Issaquah, WA. who specialize in dry brush oil portraiture.  She exhibits at Juried Fine Art and Museum Exhibitions and has received several National awards.


The Portrait Society of America
The Tennessee Valley Museum of Art, Florence, AL
The Lincoln Douglas Museum of Art, Florence, AL
The Huntsville Art League, Huntsville, AL
The Tullahoma Fine Arts Center, Tullahoma, TN
The Watercolor Society of Alabama
The National Watercolor Society